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Ballytrea Primary School, Stewartstown, Dungannon


We have just completed a fabulous first term of work across all areas. Our WAU topic of WW2 was very interesting and the children really understood what it was like for people their age to live through a war situation. In this special year, the 75th anniversary of WW2 ending, it is great that they know so many wartime facts and appreciate the problems of this era and the solutions devised by ordinary people to deal with those difficulties.

Our new WAU topic is called 'Way out there' and is all about SPACE. I think the class will love the art and technology opportunities within this topic, plus lots of research! In Numeracy P.4 are starting multiplying and dividing tables while P.5 are moving on to x 6,7,8 & 9.  P.3 are really working hard on odd and even numbers, and counting patterns forwards and backwards within 100. We will all be starting a new shape topic soon.

Remember to bring Library Books on Friday for weekly class library and fortnightly library van visits. 

*Please ensure everyone has plimsolls or indoor only trainers in their P.E. bags:- P.3 will have P.E. on Tuesday and Thursday mornings this term and P. 4 and 5 will have it on 2 afternoons.



15th Feb 2020
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21st Jan 2020
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13th Jan 2020
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10th Jan 2020
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